Behind the Movie Name Here Awhile


After reading Csaba’s first draft of the film, I was immediately on board. He had a moving story, great characters, heart-wrenching moments, and yes - he had a title.  Anna. It was no-nonsense, easy to remember, and the name of the central character. There was never really any question about the name. Sure, when producers, Alyssa Roehrenbeck and Deborah Lee Smith joined us, they made a point to remind us that there are all sorts of reasons we may need to change the title, but we gave it zero energy. We had enough on our plate just trying to make the film. It wasn't until many months later that the name Here Awhile would come into play. Here's how and why. The Name Here Awhile Came During Post-Production Flash forward to late summer, production had wrapped, and we were deep into post production. For the four of us, that meant eating, drinking, and sleeping the movie. When you’re in post, particularly the early phases, the brain never really takes a rest from working on the project. When I wasn’t actively watching scenes and working with Michael Ward (Editor) or Mark Orton (Composer) I’d be burrowed deep inside my head [...]