What are Anna Camp, Steven Strait and Joe Lo Truglio up to now?


It’s been almost a year since we filmed Here Awhile in Portland, Oregon. But the stars have hardly taken it easy since we wrapped. Anna Camp, Steven Strait and Joe Lo Truglio have kept busy with so many cool projects it is hard to fit them all into one blog post. But, we’ll try to anyway. 👌😁 What Anna Camp is up to in 2019 Anna continues to get bigger and bigger! If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Egg, a fun comedy that came out in early 2019. It is currently available on Hulu, and worth the watch for any Anna Camp fan. While we’ve been busy in post production on Here Awhile, Anna has gone on to co-star in the NBC pilot Perfect Harmony, which was later picked up for a whole season that will film soon. She’s also continued her streak of big roles in feature length comedies. We have Lovebirds, The Wedding Year, and Desperados to look forward to. And in addition to all of that, none of us can wait for Pitch Perfect 4 - tell them to hurry up already! Right? You can follow Anna directly on Instagram.  What Steven Strait up [...]